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The Boere Family   Johannesburg South Africa 

January 4th, 2014

Thank you once again for our wonderful stay. We always feel so at home here. Wishing you a blessed and happy 2014

Kies & Zgaga   Saltsburg Austria 

January 2nd, 2014

Thank you for your help. A wonderful place!

James Vossor   Centurion Pretoria South Africa 

December 31st, 2013

Best hosts! Thank you for a lovely stay!

Family Feldman   London England 

December 29th, 2013

Lovely warm welcome. Thank you for a great stay.

Ralph, Flavia, Peoro, Raphaela & Victor   Brazil 

December 28th, 2013

Thank you very much it was lovely at Christmas morning breakfast. All the best to you both.

Eric & May   Swellendam South Africa 

December 26th, 2013

This was absolutely "SUPER" Thank you!

Mike & Monique   Cape Twon 

December 26th, 2013

Great views. Great hosts. Thank you!

Catherine & Martin   Cologne Germany 

December 26th, 2013

We had such a pleasant stay, a very nice X-Mas Time. Thanks a lot.

Elaine & David Plant   Leicester UK 

December 24th, 2013

Another awesome stay! Thanks a Million.

Roger & Rito Bailey   Germiston South Africa 

December 23rd, 2013

What a remarkable stay it was fantastic. Thanks guys. God Bless!

Daniel, Angela & Olivia   Sileby UK 

December 20th, 2013

Beautiful place and fantastic company. Thank you for our stay we will be back.

Richard & Tony   Sydney Australia 

December 19th, 2013

Superb hospitality and what a view

Stacy & Dean   Brisbaine Australia 

December 19th, 2013

What a refreshing experience! Warm hospitality made for a special visit Thank you guys!

Luigi & Rosa and friends   Italy 

December 16th, 2013

We had a great experience! Joyce & Graham thank you so much for sharing your lovely way of life, family and house with us. Bless you and Merry Christmas.

Daniela & Jurg   Switzerland 

December 15th, 2013

Yery nice people, great views, we enjoyed it a lot!

Mark & Blajne   Jobannesburg 

December 14th, 2013

Thoroughly enjoyable stay, generous and hospitable. Thank you !

Lesley & Darryl Salmon   UK 

December 12th, 2013

Thank you for a great stay rooms fantastic . We will be back!

Benno & Rebekka   Berlin / Germany 

December 9th, 2013

Thank you and your staff for taht wonderful time we enjoyed it very much! All the best to you both and a Happy Christmas.

Joy & Tony   Spain 

December 8th, 2013

Great Stay Thanks!

Sarah & Lisa   Stellenbosch 

December 7th, 2013

Everything was so beautiful. Great rooms great service,Great Jacuzzi Thank you!

Mike & Amy   USA 

December 6th, 2013

Thanks! Everything was great!

Friedhelm & Britta   Cologne Germany 

December 5th, 2013

It was a great pleasure to be at this place for some days.

Karin & Joshua Rice   Atlanta USA 

November 24th, 2013

What a remarkable place. Beautiful rooms, great hosts, glorious garden great food Perfect!

Elly & Karl   Germany 

November 21st, 2013

A wonderful stay at a beautiful place. Thanks a lot!

Shrih & Parag   Mumbai India 

November 20th, 2013

Beautiful house,very well and thoughtfully decorated and a very warm feel. Wish we could stay on a few more days.

Lozanna   Botswana 

October 11th, 2013

Gorgeous place with amazing view, awesome hosts, really enjoyed my stay. Thanks!!

Chris & Carol Williams   Somerset UK 

October 5th, 2013

Loved Knysna. Fantastic Place and Candlewood was excellent. Thanks for a great stay

JanSuzanne & Neil Krasner   WashingtonDC U.S.A. 

October 5th, 2013

Amazing place & Amazing Host & Hostess

Amanda & Odwa   Cape Town South Africa 

October 4th, 2013

The whole place is very nice and friendly the staff are very professional and i enjoyed staying here, will definitely recommend this place to friend and family. Thank you both!!

Sandra Vickers & John Currie   Ottawa Canada 

October 4th, 2013

Great Stay, thank you for taking care of us so well.

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